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A Dante Time-line

1265 Between the second half of May and the first half of June, Dante Alighieri is born in Florence.
1274 Dante meets Beatrice for the first time.
1283 Dante meets Beatrice for the second time; first sonnet.
1287 Dante stays in Bologna.
1289 Battle of Campaldino, Dante takes part.
1290 Beatrice dies in child birth on 8th June.
1292-1295 Composition of "Vita Nuova".
1265(?) Dante marries Gemma Donati.
1295-1297 Dante joins several Commissions of the Republic.
1300 In May: ambassador at San Gimignano; 15th June - 15th August: Prior.
1301 Dante joins Council of one Hundred; ambassador to Boniface VIII in Rome.
1302 On 27th January Dante is judged by defaul to two years exile; on 10th March Dante is judged by default to the stakes; participates in the meeting of exiled Guelphs and Ghibellines at San Godenzo in the Mugello.
1303 At Forlė, at Scarpetta Ordelaffi, Dante leaves his companions in exile and takes refuge at Verona at the house of Bartolomeo della Scala.
1304-1308 Dante probably goes to Treviso, Padua, Lucca and Venice.
1304-1307(?) This period probably coincides with the following literary works: the "Convivio", the"Inferno" of the "Commedia", the "De Vulgari Eloquentia".
1308-1312 Dante writes the "Purgatorio".
1310-1312(o 1313) Dante writes the "Monarchia"; "Epistola ai principi, ai governi e ai popoli d'Italia".
1311 "Epistola agli scelleratissimi fiorentini"; "Epistola all'imperatore Arrigo VII"; Dante is excluded from the Amnesty of Baldo d'Aguglione.
1314 "Epistola to the Cardinals meeting for the Conclave".
1315 On 6th November Dante is again condemned to death, this is also extended to his sons; beginning of his stay in Verona, at Cangrande della Scala.
1316-1321 Dante writes the "Paradiso".
1319(?) Dante begins his stay in Ravenna, welcomed by Guido Novello of Polenta.
1319-1320 Dante writes the "Egloghe" (Eclogues) in Latin.
1320 Dante reads his "Quaestio de aqua et terra" in public at Verona.
1321 Dante is ambassador in Venice in summer.
1321 Dante dies at Ravenna on the night between 13th and 14th September, in the presence of his sons.

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