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To search for Rhymes in the Comedy, start with the page for beginning a search (Figure 3) and type 'TERZINE' (Tercets) Descriptor (or get it by clicking on the list from the "Setting single Descriptor" command). With "Retrieval START" the whole Comedy is available, and can be reached by using the "Access to DATA" command. We are now on the page for exploiting the data (Figure 4); we shall click on the "Comedy Rhymes Search" command and then on the "Rhyme INDEX" command, to bring us to the page in Figure 13.

See Figure 13 - Video-page ready for a rhyme search in the Comedy.

As the Figure shows, the data box gives us an INDEX with information on all the consonances of the rhyming words that occur in the Comedy. This source of information is precious because it is only found in a limited number of specialised publications (Comedy Rhyming Dictionaries). Try and type some of the consonances shown in the Index in the blank space, then click on the "START Search" command (or else you can simply double click on any consonance in the Index). You will have at least two tercets, in which the consonances selected will be highlighted; after the first couple, you can go to any of the following ones by using the Next command.

Here we should point out that, unlike the usual Rhyming Dictionaries, "DANTE 2000" lets you search not only for the above-mentioned consonances, but also for a rhyming "word" or even a string, i.e. a generic sequence of characters at the end of a line.
Here we give a couple of examples. To begin with, try the rhyming word 'Cristo', remembering that at this stage the System can distinguish between capital and small letters. Once the search is underway and by using the Next command, you can see that, as a rhyme, the word occurs four times in Paradiso and that there is one particularly interesting fact: as a sign of respect Dante always rhymes the name of Christ with itself.
Finally Try looking for the string 'cor compunto': It only occurs in Canto I of Inferno.
Remember that to call up a consonance from the Index all you need to do is to Double click it.


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