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(Throughout the text for the Visit, click on the phrases in this colour to see the relative FIGURES)

N O T E : This "Tour" is part of the "on line" guide of "DANTE 2000", but without many of the operative details which would only be superfluous in this context.

The "Guided Tour of the System" can be called up from the Home page of "DANTE 2000". Any new Users should consult it immediately and carefully. It proposes a series of examples of some of the possible routes which already at this stage will be useful in giving an idea of the power available. New Users can experiment these itineraries and learn the specific operating instructions, helped by the frequent vocal messages here and there along the way. We believe that this is the best way to get to know the System; the spontaneity of the messages in their appropriate context will be of invaluable help.
The vocal messages (which are only active in "DANTE 2000") come under the form of "Vocal Notes", usually found on every video-page and which can be activated by clicking on the appropriate button. They also appear as "Explanations", this time available by clicking any "hot" phrases on the page; these "hot" phrases are written in violet.
The System will also give a Vocal Message automatically if the User performs an incorrect operation; this type of message, i.e. "vocal diagnosis", appears to be a unique feature of "DANTE 2000".
Because of these features, it goes without saying that a Sound Card and Speakers are necessary system requirements for "DANTE 2000".

Figure 1 shows the System's Home page. Access to "DANTE 2000", once installed in the Windows 95 or higher environment, is by clicking on "Enter" , "Programs" and "DANTE 2000" in that order (the CD must be in the correct unit ).

See Figure 1 - "DANTE 2000" Home Page.

In the 800x600 Screen Resolution version of "DANTE 2000" the "For Screen RESOLUTION 1024x768 (more enjoyable)" command will appear at the top of the page; if it is clicked, up comes a list of obvious explanatory instructions. The User will know if he/she can use this option if the video-page only takes up part of the screen.

The text notes ( "Requisites". "Main functions", "Suggestions", "Products available", "TODAY" ) at the top of the page can be activated and disactivated by a click.

Clicking on the "Picture Search" command activates this function and displays several necessary "objects" . Thanks to the appropriate command it is possible to select any pictures, you wish; these can be seen one at a time or in groups, using the "GALLERY" command.
Clicking on the generic Picture in the Gallery will display any links with Documents.

The "REFERENCES for DANTE 2000" command gives a list of the reference publications, sources for DANTE 2000 data and information on the Critical Editions chosen for the Works of Dante. To make consulting the program easier, this function is reproposed in other operative areas wherever it does not over-load the structure.

The "SOUND RECORDINGS" command lets the User record his or her own personal notes within the system and in the extremely useful "VOCAL PLANNER" ( this feature will be illustrated shortly).

The System starts with the "Messages ON/OFF" command ON, which guarantees the "automatic transmission of Vocal Messages at the correct times". However, when listening to readings of the Text, we recommend turning off message transmission by clicking on the above command.

To activate or disactive the "Alarm" click on the top right alarm button.


  Guided  Tour      page 1

  Guided  Tour      page 1

  Guided  Tour      page 1

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