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System requirements

1 - The System was designed in the WINDOWS 95 environment, and so MUST run in this environment or over.

2 - Bearing in mind that much of the System's documentation is given vocally (the vocal notes and "hot" phrases are highlighted in violet) and that trouble-shooting is in vocal form too (unique feature to "DANTE 2000"), you will need a SOUND CARD (Sound blaster or compatible) and loudspeakers.
For your own sound recordings, you will obviously need a microphone. In this regard, we advice you to set the "Recording Volume" to your own taste "(Multimedia in the Control Panel) ; and so as not to waste precious memory space choose "Telephone quality".

3 - Although the System creates some of its own archives on the hard disc during installation it runs on its own CD ROM.

4 - "DANTE 2000" requires a VGA+ or Super VGA monitor. The System was developed with the following screen settings:
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or 800 x 600 pixels
  • Colour Palette with 65.536 colours
  • Character size: 'Small characters'
These choices correspond to the most frequent settings found on monitors today. In any case, any display errors are due to different screen settings from the factory default. These can be rectified with the following simple WINDOWS operation :
  • Click in turn "Computer Resources" >> "Pannello di controllo" >> "Screen" >> "Settings" ; then check the values given in "Colour Palette", "Character Size" and "Desktop" and set the values desired.

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