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News   25th June 2004

"DANTE 2000" was updated on the above date as follows:

Coordinates for Functions involved:     HOME-PAGE   -->   STATISTICAL PROCESSING   -->   TEXT TRANSLATION SITUATION.

Variations:      A new paragraph TEXT TRANSLATION SITUATION has been added to the chapter STATISTICAL PROCESSING, with its own video page.    This page shows a useful summary of the vast number of texts, related to the other chapters, that appear as links to Documents (passages from Works and Information Cards) or Pictures.    The System divides these texts into 4 classes:    Texts of Works (in Italian vernacular or Latin)   /   Texts written in or translated into Italian   /   Texts translated into English   /   Texts translated into Spanish.
Note that in general original works are not translated for the multilingual Editions of this System. ____________________________________________________________________________________

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