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News   3rd June 2004

"DANTE 2000" was updated on the above date as follows:

Coordinates for Functions involved:     HOME-PAGE   -->   SOUND RECORDINGS   -->   SETTING a VOCAL MESSAGE.

Variations:      a.   The last term of the pre-existing 5 possible characteristics for a Vocal Message (DATED / YEARLY / MONTHLY / WEEKLY / DAILY from) has been abolished. Rather than reducing the power of this Function, it has been considerably increased as we have introducted the possibility of setting a certain number of days Notice for the first three terms. The result is a whole range of choice of possibilities to meet all needs.    b.  We have also introduced the possibility of Suspending (and Re-activating) the periodical (hourly) transmission of generic vocal messages , after the User has heard them enough times.    c.   The day-moth check is now more efficient.

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