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  • First of all we should like to apologise to Visitors to the website for an event we wished had never happened. In 2001, we introduced Version 3.0 of "DANTE 2000" via our website to inform the public about the forthcoming release of the System. A large number of "visitors" immediately showed their interest in "DANTE 2000". Unfortunately, due the incompetence and/or lack of responsibility on the part of the team appointed to manage the Internet site, there was a simple and unthinkable technical error, with serious consequences: all the messages sent to the site were lost. The Author who obviously assumes the responsibility for this inconvenience, would like to apologise again to all those who wrote to him and regrets he was unable to reply.
    Hoping to learn from our experience (which is best forgotten) we now have pleasure in presenting our re-designed site and the new version of "DANTE 2000" (4.0), which has several important new features compared to the previous one, in terms of performance as well as data content.

  • We should like to take the opportunity to ask the holders of distribution rights of the most important Comments on the Comedy for their co-operation for future recordings of their comments in the context of "DANTE 2000", which would of course will be included in the list of products available. This would undoubtedly enrich the System as well as favour distribution of the Comments themselves.
    "Dante 2000" automatically gives Cross-references to Dante's Sources, so the more detailed they are, the more value they would acquire.
    Recording is simplified by means of a special program (COMDC), that blocks automatic copying of recorded material.

  • This possibility also applies to holders of Comedy Translation Rights, thanks to the program TRADC. Anyone can exploit this possibility, as long as 70 years have passed since the death of the author of the Translations. In fact in these cases the law considers the author's works as public property.

  • The Author of "DANTE 2000" declares he would be glad to present the System on request to Cultural Institutes and Establishments.



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