System on the Complete Works of Dante

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"DANTE 2000" Introductory offer Euro 100,00 (*) 

Other products written to accompany "DANTE 2000"
(description at the end of the page)

"TRADC" Euro 50,00 (*)
"COMDC" Euro 50,00 (*)

(*) the important news in  Version 5.0  of "DANTE 2000":   it is free.         For now,  the System can be free downloaded from the Italian version, Chapter  "Agli Italiani".



Description of other products

    The following programs have been written to accompany "DANTE 2000".

  • "TRADC" - A program to personalise "DANTE 2000". It lets the User record as many Translations of the Comedy as he or she wishes. Remember that this program can also be used to record short notes, cross references, etc. referred to individual tercets, each of which can be 3 lines long with 80 characters per line.

  • "COMDC" - Program for recording Comments on the Comedy. This program can also be used to personalise "DANTE 2000". But unlike the 'Translations' in TRADC ; recordings made with this program refer to a whole Canto ( not just individual tercets ) for which the User has practically unlimited space at disposition. This feature can be used for Comments by well known critics and experts as well as for personal notes, remarks, etc, with no limits.

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