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Alberto Acquaro graduated in Physics at the University of Rome. He taught mathematics and physics for several years at secondary schools where he gained precious experience in the problems facing the world of education. After a period as researcher in the field of atmospheric physics, he specialised in automatic system techniques.  So began a long period of study on applications addressed mainly to software programming and reseach using multivariate statistical methods.  During this period he published several papers, particularly on software engineering and mathematical problems related to aerospatial engineering.

The last twenty years of his research activity have mainly concentrated on two subjects, which at first may appear unrelated: the problem of Artifical Intelligence (automation of translation of natural languages) and creating an information system for the Complete Works of Dante.  This last task had and still has a wide range of motivations, including a family tradition and his deep conviction that the works and thoughts of Dante should be available in a new form for today's younger generation - and not only in Italy.  Only someone with his enthusiasm and conviction could complete such a mammoth enterprise, and one that can only be appreciated after getting to really know all the features offered in "DANTE 2000".

His long experience in programming basic and applied software has allowed him to conceive and realise, in honour of Dante, a specifically designed basic system (an Information Retrieval system), flexible enough to cope with all the peculiar aspects of this subject, and a series of specific programs that cannot be found on the market.  And the support of this software can guarantee the vital force behind "DANTE 2000" ; through it the System can grow without limits, protected from any of the possible vicissitudes that are likely to hit the world of automatic programming.

The photo of the Author is by kind concession of the journalist and photo-reporter Marco Mori.

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